Monday, June 30, 2008

Microsoft Finally allows downloadable content to be transferred

Microsoft has finally got off their lazy asses and fixed the Xbox DRM issue.

What is this issue exactly?
The DRM issue is where you get a new Xbox 360 and you add your old hardrive to the console and you find out that none of your Xbox Live Arcade games and other downloadable content from the Marketplace are on your new Xbox.

The reason is these files were attached to your old hard drive. Now though you can transfer these files by going to and following the instructions in this video. One important thing to remember is that you can only do this once every twelve months so if your Xbox red lights more than once a year like mine then your screwed till the twelve months is over.

Xbox 360 now only $300

Xbox 360 Price CutAhh finally the smell of a fresh price cut is in the air around Microsoft's Xbox 360. Anyone who was waiting for the Xbox 360 to become around as cheap as a Wii, well your time has finally arrived. The cut will drop Microsoft's Xbox 360, the 20GB model, down by $50 to an amazingly cheap price of $300.

The price cut comes by a move for Microsoft to extend the price gap between them and the PS3 and to decrease the price gap between them and the Wii. This also comes as a move by Microsoft to put the spotlight on them during the upcoming E3 during July 15-17th.

Currently the prices are:
Nintendo Wii - $250
Microsoft's Xbox 360 - $300
Playstation 3 - $400

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Gears of War 2 Multiplayer Footage 2

Everything that is coming in Gears Of War 2 is in this video!You get to see everything from the flamethrower, to mines, to even all the new finish moves.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gears Of War 2 Multiplayer Footage

In the Video i noticed the all talked about body shield in action, but only for a couple of seconds. You also get to see the great addition of the crawl. being able to crawl away from your enemy when you are down should add a whole new level to multiplayer. Some other little things you will see is a new multiplayer lvl, 2 new reticals for the sniper and the torque bow, plus you get to see some of the environment be chipped away by gun fire which is really cool. To bad the video quality was to bad that you could not see the new graphics first hand.

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Turn your Xbox 360 Into a Netflix Player

Looks like all you need is three things.

1. Xbox 360 with internet access
2. Windows Vista PC
3. Netflix Subscription

That’s it if you follow the steps above you get all the movies you can ever want, 9,000 to be exact. If only the can make the nav screen go faster and this would be the best movie player around.

Rumor has it that Microsoft will let 3rd party companies build Xbox 360's

Xbox 360 Hub
In the latest issue of EGM: they reported saying:
"We'll tell you what's up with Microsoft: new hardware options. It may sound totally insane — trust us, we did a double-take the first time Qmann whispered it in our ears — but word has it that Microsoft may begin allowing third-party manufacturers to create Xbox 360 hardware. And we're not talking about peripherals, people; we mean hardware that runs 360 game discs created by someone other than Microsoft."

Sounds Crazy to me, but just might be brilliant. Stay tuned for more news here at Xbox 360 Hub.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Halo Novel Coming: The Cole Protocol

This fall expect another great halo novel when Tor Books releases Halo: Cole Protocol.

"Penned by Nebula nominee and Prometheus Award finalist, Tobias Buckell, Halo: The Cole Protocol will "unveil the location of the Spartan Gray Team, and take readers into an unexplored conflict of the Human-Covenant War, where unlikely alliances are formed and shattered, altering the course of the humanity's epic struggle for survival."

Buckell has never written a halo novel yet, but he says he is a fan of the series and has played all 3 Halo games. Some of Buckell's previous works have been Crystal Rain and Ragamuffin.

Halo: Protocol is the Sixth book of the series
1st Halo: Fall Of Reach
2nd Halo: The Flood
3rd Halo: The First Strike
4th Halo: Ghost of Onyx
5th Halo: Contact Harvest

the novel sounds, well like the rest of the novels, you don't have a clue of what your reading until you dive in. I have read all the previous halo novels and i can't wait to read the next installment.

Monday, June 23, 2008

BattleField BadCompany Review

Great Video Review of Battlefield BadCompany.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

BattleField BadCompany Multiplayer Demo Review

Battlefield has always been all about Multiplayer. The story mode has never been good so there is really no point of even playing it. When i get Battlefield i dive right into the Multiplayer because of its unique experience that you only feel when you are playing Battlefield.

The new Battlefield BadCompany does not disappoint in the multiplayer this time around either. First thing you will notice is a whole new look, no it’s not gears of war graphics, but its pretty damn good. The next huge thing that is the dream of all kids is almost everything is destructible this time around. Can’t get that sniper hiding behind that window? Just shoot the entire window out. The environment is not completely destructible, but you can pretty much blow up the building down to its bare bones.

The next thing that you will notice is all the glorified vehicles are back and then some. This time around there is boats, the 120 millimeter tank, the 30 millimeter tank, Hummers, dune buggies, helicopters and even a artillery strike. The artillery strike is not exactly a vehicle, but it has you control a artillery strike that will rain down artillery on the opponents were ever you aim it.

Another Great new addition is there is a customizable weapon system like COD4, it’s not as elaborate as COD4, but it is a nice new addition.

In the demo you are playing on the map oasis which is basically a desert map similar to the one in battlefield 2’s Demo. On the map you play a gametype called goldrush, which is basically there is attackers who try and destroy the gold crates by either blowing them up with a bomb that you have to arm or by blowing them up by using tanks and such. The other team is the defenders that well defend the gold crates.

Goldrush is very fun and comes as a nice addition to the battlefield gametypes.

The only cons you will notice with the demo’s is you have to unlock some of the better weapons by lvling up. Also there is a lot of kids who are playing the demo that will just do nothing to help your team and will have a score that is negative. When something like this happens you will be completely screwed because the other team will have your base surrounded with tanks and snipers and it essentially becomes a deathtrap with you inside. Don’t get me wrong though this game is still very fun and is definitely worth a try.

Go download it now before it comes out on June 23rd and if you lvl up all the way you unlock a new gun that is only available if you play the demo. Stay tuned here at Xbox 360 Hub for the latest in Xbox 360 news and reviews.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Unreal Tournament 3 Preview Vid

Game looks great anything you need to know is in the preview video. Cannot wait to try out this game, release date is July 7th.

Chillout Coming to Halo 3

Chillout is coming back to halo! We all have been waiting for this old classic to come back around and it is finally coming. The new Chillout will be called "Cold Storage" and will be released presumably some time soon, but no release date has yet to be announced. The map was resurrected at MLG San Diego with an exhibition match, where Lukems and Shiska of Bungie played against two MLG superstarts Karma and Legend. More screenshots can be viewed at

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Adam Sessler's Opinion of Kids on Xbox Live

I have watched G4 many times and i have never seen him like this. The fact is though is he is telling the truth. Kids do need to learn to behave on xbox live, it is getting out of hand. The only thing left is to never play unless you have a group of friends to play with.
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Battlefield Bad Company Demo Single PlayerReviewed

Battlefield BadCompany Singleplayer
Just got my hands on the new battlefield badcompany and i cannot put it down. The first thing you will want to do is play the single player. The single player well is just like any other battlefield single player, its just average. The new destructable enviroments though makes for some fun times, you can literally blow down an entire forest and destroy a building to where only the core structure is left. I noted though that it seems you have unlimited health, you can just shoot yourself with what looks like a giant needle that will refill your health over and over again, which is great and all, but almost seems to make it to easy. You will need the needle though because you will get shot from across the map from an enemy. They AI seems to always know where you are and can seem to shoot you from a mile away, which gets very annoying fast. Overall the single player was a fun way to get back into the battlefield experience, but where battlefield really shines is the Multiplayer.

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Monday, June 9, 2008

Sidmeier's Civilization Revolution Demo

Civilization Demo

Just Released was Sidmeier's Civilization Revolution Demo. The demo is really great and is definitely worth downloading. The Demo is 1.3GB which is now standard for most demos but this is more than a demo, well at least a really big demo. First of all you can do both multiplayer and story mode. I have yet to try the Multiplayer due to the fact that this is my first time playing civilization and i wanted to learn all of the controls first time around. So i hit up the single player hoping just to get a quick glance into the game this weekend at like 12 at night, well when i got into the game i could not put it down and played it for 4 hours until the demo finally ended. I am not for sure how the demo end timer is set up, but it is either a time limit or when you reach a certain goal.

The single player was amazing, it plays really well for a strategy game and i found it very easy to understand unlike the previous civilization games. I probably learned everything i needed to know to play in under 20 minutes and then i was off making cities, creating armies, taking over lands, and making gold. This game is really fun and i worth a try. I am not for sure if i am ready to spend 60 dollars on the game, but i am surely thinking about it though because this game surprised me at how great it was.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Resident evil 5 Trailer

Check out the New Resident Evil 5 on the Xbox. It looks better than ever and i am so excited to see it finally come over onto the Xbox 360.

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BattleField BadCompany Demo released on XBL

Check out the new Battlefield bad company demo on Xbox Live Marketplace
The demo comes with a full single player mission and one multi player map Oasis featuring the mode Gold Rush

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Guitar Hero 3 Through the Fire and Flames 100%

First ever recorded 100% 987,786 on Through the Fire and Flames. I would believe anything is possible now if someone can actually beat this song on 100%.

Crazy GTA 4 Stunt Montage

Found this nice Video Of GTA 4 Stunts check it out!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Bourne Conspiracy Demo Reaches 1million Downloads

Make sure to check out the Bourne Conspiracy Demo on your xbox before you go out and buy the game tomorrow on June 3rd when it ships to stores world wide. With the download already reaching the 1 million mark this leaves high hopes that this game will become a huge success. Stay tuned for a game review on Xbox 360 Hub.