Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Grand Theft Auto 4

Yesterday i finally got my hands on GTA 4. I had to sell my old rainbowsix vegas 2 which i was glad to even recieve $30 for. So getting GTA 4 for only $35 seemed good enough a time for me to buy it. First impression on playing was that wow these graphics have improved so much since the previous GTA San Andreas. It finally swithing over to the 360 must of done the trick because every single enviroment in this game looks amazing. Another thing i noticed right away is the driving is completely diffirent this time around. No more days of going 80 around corners and not slamming into the wall and now the ebrake is completely useless unless you are reversing and you need to do a quick 180.

As always the story in GTA is amazing, so many great characters this time around. You will be involved in the story for hours before you realize that you have not even touched the online aspect yet.

Online is another huge thing in this next GTA. Online play has you against 16 people and you can go through the entire cities with all the game types of any online game, but my favorite is by far freeplay which has you just cruising the city with your buddies.

Another great thing the game added this time around is up to date music. i was so supprised when i turned on the radio and heard Kanye on rap 102.7. The music is what makes driving so much fun in the game and once you get some of your buddies in the car with it there is nothing funner than that.

GTA 4 is by far the best game that i have played in a long time and i recomend you sell all of your old games that you are not playing anymore and pick this up right awya.

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