Friday, July 25, 2008

Reason Why Sega Classics Are Not On Xbox Live Arcade

Sega's President, Simon Jefferey explains why they have yet to release old Sega Classics onto Xbox Live Arcade. He explains that they are having a hard time finding the original source code for the classic games. Sounds crazy, but the games are so old i could see why.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Xbox Live Only $40 for 13 months

Xbox Live $40Finally the time has come for a price drop on Xbox Live. Now you can enjoy 13months of Xbox Live for only $39.99 at with free shipping I might add. So lets do the math how much is that a month?

$40 / 13 months = $3.08 a month (aka Bargain!)

Now if people are still complaining that Xbox Live is too expensive, well they can just go buy a wii for all I care cause all I know is that they are a cheap ass.

Check it out here at:

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Geometry Wars 2 first Videos

Tuesday at E3 Microsoft Announced Geometry Wars 2 and boy i could not be more excited. I was a really big fan of the original Geometry Wars on Xbox Live Arcade.( I actually was able to score over a million points) Well over at they have given a little bit more information on Geometry Wars 2. The game is scheduled to be available on XBL August 6th 2008.
  • Action-packed modes: Unlock all six of these innovative and challenging modes -- Deadline, Evolved, King, Pacifism, Waves, and Sequence.
  • Multiplayer mayhem: Step up the intensity with four-player multiplayer. Versus, team, and co-op modes offer different types of challenges and strategies. Pick your ship and pwn the grid.
  • Achievements: Go for 12 entertaining and inventive ways to boost your gamerscore.
  • Geoms: Collect Geoms to increase your multiplier -- but act fast, they won't last forever!
  • New enemies: Shoot down all the usual suspects, then say "Hello" to new enemies that have found additional ways to hunt you down.

Geometry Wars 2 E3
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Bungie Delays New Game Announcement

Today Bungie had this message on their website when you visit

So pretty much do not expect a new game announcement out of Bungie this week at E3. Guess we will have to keep on guessing till the real announcement actually comes.

Heres is the best explanation I could Find:

Posted by: IndefinitePit
"I have a feeling Bungie's announcement when it comes will be rather significant. My reasoning is this, let's assume Microsoft Game Studios is the publisher (which I imagine it is). Microsoft had the strongest press conference so far, I believe Microsoft expected more out of Sony and Nintendo's conferences, both were pretty much lack luster. And wanted Bungie to release a follow up punch on Wednesday. However since neither Sony or Nintendo made any big announcments as of yet, Microsoft might be wanting Bungie to save this for the appropriate time, which is a sound business decision and would be more beneficial to both Microsoft and Bungie to wait. While the delay is unfortunate I believe it isn't without good reason. And if I am in the ballpark on this, I believe it is a decision that makes a lot of sense."

Microsoft Media Briefing

Make sure to check out the Video's Live at

Friday, July 11, 2008

Watch live video from kfella's channel on

My friends are having a LAN party today so make sure to check it out live here. also you can talk to us live here at Justin TV.

check it out from 5pm-whenever

Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Gears Of War 2 Multiplayer Vid

This video gets me so excited for the new Gears Of War 2 coming out this November. I cannot wait everything looks like it will be perfect this time around. They have seemed like the have finally got rid of all the kinks such as the rodeo run glitches, host advantage, and the cover system.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More E3 Microsoft Rumors

The question on everybody's mind right now is what the hell is Microsoft going to unveil at E3 this year. So far we know we will see videos, demos and information from these upcoming major Xbox titles:
  • Gears of War 2
  • Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts
  • Fable II
  • Fallout 3
  • Halo Wars
  • Starwars Force Unleashed
  • Resident Evil 5

So what else is Microsoft planning for E3 besides just new games coming out. Well a recent article at Kotaku says Microsoft is finally going to drop the ball on the new Xbox 360 Motion Controller. This is also piled on top of the latest speculation about the new motion-controlled Xbox 360 dashboard. Well one thing I know for sure is Microsoft is planning something, I could not imagine they would not unveil something huge this E3.

Gears Of War 2

What else though? Something on everybody’s minds is what is going to happen to the Halo Franchise, is it actually done, no more Halo’s! Well Bungie has helped stir rumors recently by leaving a hidden message at the end of their podcast. According to a recent story at Kotaku the exchange at the end of the podcast was:

Brian: Isn't there something going on on July 14th or something like that?

Yeah, around then.

Somehow that's sticking in my head for some reason. Guess we'll have to see.

Yep, we'll just have to be patient. Who could say?

Well this news is enough for me to watch the upcoming E3 event. Make sure to watch it live at with

Monday, July 7, 2008

Cold Storage Comparison Screenshots

Bungies new map "Cold Storage" is almost out, but before it comes out bungie released 3 new comparison screenshots to just show you the difference between the levels from Halo 1 to Halo 3 and wow I must say it is impressive. Remember to get the map for free today!!

Bungie Studios has also taken the time to answer some questions about the new map Downloadable Map "Cold Storage."

Cold Storage
Q: What’s changed from Chill Out to Cold Storage?

MM2: Other than the level of detail and the thematic change, we tried to keep things fairly close to the original layout. There was an overall shift in scale due to the changed run speeds, jump heights, and FOV in Halo 3. There are some jumps you can make now that you couldn’t before, and we opened up some areas of the level which created a slightly different flow . We never set out to make an exact port, but were more concerned with staying true to the overall feel of the original.

Cold Storage
Q: What’s the deal with the Flood in Cold Storage?

VDL:The idea behind the original Chill Out was that it was a very cold storage facility of some sort. Pretty generic in the style department, but fun was the goal there and it excelled in that respect. For Cold Storage we wanted to add a reason for the season and the Flood was a perfect fit amongst all that cryogenic mumbo jumbo. The tricky part was how to add the goopy mounds of parasitic loving without messing with the original Chill Out layout. The answer was simple, Add the Flood but keep it out of the playable areas, i.e. stick it behind glass windows where you can admire it from a distance but you can’t get to it. In fact, there is only one tiny little place in Cold Storage where the player can come into contact with the Flood, yet it’s totally benign to gameplay. Keep an eye out for little herds of infection forms roaming behind the aquarium-style observation windows, and have fun with the pure-form guy in the glass tube just don’t get too close.

Cold Storage

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cold Storage Comes Out July 7th And It Will Be Free!

Are you tired of griping about spending another $10 on some downloadable content for Halo 3 or Cod4. Well finally the Bungie has listened to our complaints and has made their next downloadable map "Cold Storage" Free, yes free. Nothing is better than a freebie.
Bungie stated by saying-

"Cold Storage will be available for free beginning on July 7, Bungie Day, on Xbox Live Marketplace."

Well this is great news, the map is a remake of chillout and it looks better than ever, check out this screen and the rest over at
Cold Storage, Halo 3

Here is a little Video i just found to just help you get excited about playing Halo 3 and the new maps i hope you enjoy!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Watch E3 2008 Live

Watch E3 Live with I am so glad i found this. I have been looking around for a couple of days for a live feed of E3 and i am glad i can see it now on IGN. Download this Widget below and whenever you click it during the week of E3 a window will pop up with a live feed of what is currently going on in E3.

Microsoft E3 2008 Press Conference Coverage at IGN

Heres what IGN has lined up
"In addition to our regular written coverage, we'll be broadcasting our LiveWire Web show again this year. On LiveWire, you can watch all three major press conferences. We'll also be broadcasting live from the E3 show floor with developer interviews, real-time game demos and analysis from the IGN editors for the entire week. While we'll be offering a low-quality stream for free, Insiders will enjoy high-quality streams throughout the show."

And heres a pick of what to expect out of your video Streamer.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Rumored Xbox 360 Getting a 3D Dashboard

Kotaku announced yesterday that the Xbox 360 Dashboard might be getting a 3D environment makeover. The new 3D Dashboard would be then controlled with the yet to be announced motion controller coming out. Sounds a little far fetched, but sounds like it could be pretty sweet. Check out full article at Kotaku

Xbox 360 Hub - 3D Dashboard

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bunch of new Force Unleashed Vids over at IGN has just put 8 new Star Wars Force Unleased Video's on their IGN Videos page. They all are very short, but they show a couple bossed, some new moves, and some great new enviroment.

Heres the Best vid I saw out of the 8, its a great Light Saber battle.

View all Video's at:
IGN Videos

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