Monday, July 7, 2008

Cold Storage Comparison Screenshots

Bungies new map "Cold Storage" is almost out, but before it comes out bungie released 3 new comparison screenshots to just show you the difference between the levels from Halo 1 to Halo 3 and wow I must say it is impressive. Remember to get the map for free today!!

Bungie Studios has also taken the time to answer some questions about the new map Downloadable Map "Cold Storage."

Cold Storage
Q: What’s changed from Chill Out to Cold Storage?

MM2: Other than the level of detail and the thematic change, we tried to keep things fairly close to the original layout. There was an overall shift in scale due to the changed run speeds, jump heights, and FOV in Halo 3. There are some jumps you can make now that you couldn’t before, and we opened up some areas of the level which created a slightly different flow . We never set out to make an exact port, but were more concerned with staying true to the overall feel of the original.

Cold Storage
Q: What’s the deal with the Flood in Cold Storage?

VDL:The idea behind the original Chill Out was that it was a very cold storage facility of some sort. Pretty generic in the style department, but fun was the goal there and it excelled in that respect. For Cold Storage we wanted to add a reason for the season and the Flood was a perfect fit amongst all that cryogenic mumbo jumbo. The tricky part was how to add the goopy mounds of parasitic loving without messing with the original Chill Out layout. The answer was simple, Add the Flood but keep it out of the playable areas, i.e. stick it behind glass windows where you can admire it from a distance but you can’t get to it. In fact, there is only one tiny little place in Cold Storage where the player can come into contact with the Flood, yet it’s totally benign to gameplay. Keep an eye out for little herds of infection forms roaming behind the aquarium-style observation windows, and have fun with the pure-form guy in the glass tube just don’t get too close.

Cold Storage

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