Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Geometry Wars 2 first Videos

Tuesday at E3 Microsoft Announced Geometry Wars 2 and boy i could not be more excited. I was a really big fan of the original Geometry Wars on Xbox Live Arcade.( I actually was able to score over a million points) Well over at xbox.com they have given a little bit more information on Geometry Wars 2. The game is scheduled to be available on XBL August 6th 2008.
  • Action-packed modes: Unlock all six of these innovative and challenging modes -- Deadline, Evolved, King, Pacifism, Waves, and Sequence.
  • Multiplayer mayhem: Step up the intensity with four-player multiplayer. Versus, team, and co-op modes offer different types of challenges and strategies. Pick your ship and pwn the grid.
  • Achievements: Go for 12 entertaining and inventive ways to boost your gamerscore.
  • Geoms: Collect Geoms to increase your multiplier -- but act fast, they won't last forever!
  • New enemies: Shoot down all the usual suspects, then say "Hello" to new enemies that have found additional ways to hunt you down.

Geometry Wars 2 E3
Stay tuned here at Xbox 360 Hub for me at E3 2008.

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