Thursday, July 3, 2008

Watch E3 2008 Live

Watch E3 Live with I am so glad i found this. I have been looking around for a couple of days for a live feed of E3 and i am glad i can see it now on IGN. Download this Widget below and whenever you click it during the week of E3 a window will pop up with a live feed of what is currently going on in E3.

Microsoft E3 2008 Press Conference Coverage at IGN

Heres what IGN has lined up
"In addition to our regular written coverage, we'll be broadcasting our LiveWire Web show again this year. On LiveWire, you can watch all three major press conferences. We'll also be broadcasting live from the E3 show floor with developer interviews, real-time game demos and analysis from the IGN editors for the entire week. While we'll be offering a low-quality stream for free, Insiders will enjoy high-quality streams throughout the show."

And heres a pick of what to expect out of your video Streamer.

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