Monday, January 12, 2009

Best Buy New Year Xbox 360 Game Sale

Are you upset like for passing on a deal like target had earlier this year with Cod WAW for $40. Well the good news is best buy is bringing back those great deals with a full lineup of Xbox 360 games on sale for the beginning of 2009

Full List
Ninja Gaiden II - $9.99
Facebreaker - $9.99
Condemned 2: Bloodshot - $9.99
MLB 2K8 - $9.99
Turok - $9.99

Guitar Hero III - $19.99
Guitar Hero Aerosmith - $19.99
Battlefield: Bad Company - $19.99
Quake Wars (Xbox 360) - $19.99
Unreal Tournament 3 - $19.99

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows - $39.99
Rock Band 2 - $39.99
Mercenaries 2 - $39.99
Red Alert 3 - $39.99
Saints Row 2 - $39.99
Credit to Kotaku for list

The following games are available in store and online (link to online deals)

I think i am gonna stop by best buy tonight and pick up Ninja Gaiden 2, Guitar Hero 3, and Condemed.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Skate 2 Demo Review

Well I finally got to play the new skate 2 demo last night and I was left with a bad taste in my mouth because the demo left me disappointed. Do not get me wrong though the game looks better than ever, but they really did a piss poor job on the demo and this could be the shortest demo that I have ever played. First of all there is no free skate mode there is just career mode and party mode.

Career Mode starts off with you having to create a character mode which is cool and all, but why put this in the demo? Thankfully you can skip through this pretty quickly and actually get to the skating part. The demo begins with you having to do a tutorial area having you do all the stuff you already know like ride your board, kickflip and ollie. Once you complete this you get to the actual skate park. Once you enter the skate park you can actually skate around for a bit in a really nice and well designed area. The skate park is full of half pipes, grind rails, and all the things you would like to see in your skate park. The big flaw in this demo is it has a time limit starting out at 5 minutes. You gain time by completing objectives in the demo, but in the end you seriously only have about 6 minutes to just skate. Overall the demo lasts no longer than 10 minutes.

As far as the party mode goes you get to pick up to I think 5 players. You then get to pick to do one of two events. The first one is just jumping a gap and then doing about 5 seconds of tricks. The second mode is you jumping off of a ramp and trying to do as much damage to your body as possible. It works very similar to burnout revenges crash mode. Unfortunately this mode is not online in the demo.

Overall the demo was fun, but just way too short. I can understand why they would want to do this because the last demo you could play for about 30 minutes and some people including me felt that this was a long enough skate session that there would be no point in buying the game. Now after playing this demo I really feel like I want to buy this game just so I can skate around and do mad tricks with my friends.

I also found a video of the entire demo here on gamersyde.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Skate 2 Demo Coming To Xbox 360 Tommorow

skate 2 demoFinally the Skate 2 is almost out and the demo will be here tomorrow. The demo will feature both story mode and multi-player mode. Personally I am very excited for the skate 2 demo. Usually I do not download too many demos, but the first skate demo was so great that I am obligated to download this one. I played the original Skate demo a lot. It was the perfect demo because you could just cruise around the park doing tricks to your hearts content and that is all I really ever want out of any Skate game. Sadly I did not even buy the game because I felt that the Skate’s demo was enough to satisfy my little Tony Hawk inside of me. Hopefully EA does not screw up this demo and makes it similar to the original. Stay tuned for a demo review and expect Skate 2 in stores on January 21, 2009. In the mean time why not watch the skate 2 trailer.

Update: The demo has officially been released. It is a 1.51GB download and it does not come with multi-player in the demo as promised. Bummer, cannot wait to download this demo after work!