Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Skate 2 Demo Coming To Xbox 360 Tommorow

skate 2 demoFinally the Skate 2 is almost out and the demo will be here tomorrow. The demo will feature both story mode and multi-player mode. Personally I am very excited for the skate 2 demo. Usually I do not download too many demos, but the first skate demo was so great that I am obligated to download this one. I played the original Skate demo a lot. It was the perfect demo because you could just cruise around the park doing tricks to your hearts content and that is all I really ever want out of any Skate game. Sadly I did not even buy the game because I felt that the Skate’s demo was enough to satisfy my little Tony Hawk inside of me. Hopefully EA does not screw up this demo and makes it similar to the original. Stay tuned for a demo review and expect Skate 2 in stores on January 21, 2009. In the mean time why not watch the skate 2 trailer.

Update: The demo has officially been released. It is a 1.51GB download and it does not come with multi-player in the demo as promised. Bummer, cannot wait to download this demo after work!

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