Thursday, August 7, 2008

Japanese People waiting in line for an Xbox 360 Game, Amazing!

Japanese Game Launch Line- Xbox 360 Hub
Today is a great day for Xbox 360. Why do i say this, well because Xbox 360 was able to actually capture the hearts of Japanese Gamers so much that they waited in line for a game! This is unheard of in Japan for Xbox 360. The game is called Tales of Vesperia and by the looks of it its another Blue Dragon, Final Fantasy game.

The line seen was at Akihabara Yodobashi Camera- there was even over a hundred people in the line. There was a stage event with the game's creative producer Yoshito Higuchi and producer Tsutomu Gouda, telling fans how that they created a beautiful looking Tales for the Xbox 360. Thanks Kotaku for the story as always stay tuned at Xbox 360 Hub for more Xbox News.

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