Thursday, October 30, 2008

Far Cry 2 Review

Far Cry 2 is a sequel to the much beloved game Far Cry 1. The fact is though these two games are completely different in almost everyway except the fact that you are in an open world in a jungle looking environment. I bought Far Cry 2 only a couple of days after it came out and I liked what I saw, but it really seems like they did not test this game well enough at all.
The game was good, but not great. Here is a quick list of what I liked and what I did not like.

• Great Graphics for an open world game. Visuals
• Lots of weapons, ammo is the same on all weapons,
• Huge open world that is fun to jut go and explore
• Pretty much the game is really fun to play, like a GTA in Africa is the best I can explain it.
• A massive amount of missions to do

• Enemies take to many shots to kill with an assault rifle. You can literally shoot like 15 bullets into the chest of an enemy and they will not die, but if you shoot them once in the head bam their down. Just seems to not play right because of this
• The whole realism thing is absolutely awful. If your game to play real then you should not be playing video games and go play REAL LIFE. Why do game developers not understand realism does not equal fun. Weapons jamming and blowing up is terrible, do not even get me started on the whole malaria crap, fixing vehicles after every freaking checkpoint really pisses me off, and the checkpoint deserves a whole rant of its own.
• God Checkpoints are by far the worst thing EVER! This literally brought most reviews down an entire point of its own because of how stupid they are. The entire open world map has these areas usually around an intersection that you have to pass while driving. Each of these areas are filled with re spawning enemies. 90% of these checkpoints you cannot avoid and you have to go through them. In a good game you could just drive through the checkpoint and not have to worry about killing the enemies every single time, but in a bad game like Far Cry 2 you literally have to kill all the enemies in the checkpoint because if you try to just run right through it they will just chase you down in jeeps and start shooting at you which slows down your car so you are stuck having to kill them. This does not seem that bad, but I have not ran into a mission yet where I have not had to drive though about 3 of these checkpoints to get to the mission. Literally I probably spend 70% of the game driving from one mission to the next, am I the only one who sees the problem in this?
• Far Cry 2 has dumb A.I. This just pisses me off now, how can I game have bad A.I still? Seriously its 2008 come on Ubisoft get with the program. The bad A.I is pretty much self explanatory, dumb enemies doing dumb things and did I mention they are also over powered. Literally the only way to think about enjoying this game is to play it on easy.

Well I think I am done complaining. After doing this Far Cry 2 post I felt like I did more of just one giant rant. The fact is this game is a good game. It could be a great game, but with so many flaws you just have to wonder what were they thinking. My advice is not worth your money to buy right now, maybe just rent it or borrow it from a friend, but definitely not a go and buy right now game. I would give it a 7.5 out of 10.


  1. Wow that's a log of cons.

    I think I will save my money and pass on Far Cry 2.

  2. Not to mention you can complete four missons and find 80 diamonds and it takes hours but if you get killed you lose all of that and go back to step 1. the game doesnt save progress.


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