Monday, June 29, 2009

Halo ODST will be Open World

Bungie’s latest installment in the Halo Series, Halo ODST will be the first in the series to focus completely on campaign play. That means no multiplayer what so ever. So to make the game more exciting Bungie has took some risks on the next Halo installment and made it an open world. Not too many details have been released on how this is going to work and play, but this is what we have so far from a recent interview with the Seattle Time.

"We're doing a lot of pretty neat things in terms of mixing it up, introducing some non-linearity, some free exploration," Staten told the Times. "This is also a mystery story so there's a lot more clue-finding and mystery-solving than you would normally find in a game of this kind - nothing that strays too far from the fun 'Halo' experience, but we definitely decided to take a little bit of risk and have some fun with this one."

It also was stated in the article that ODST will allow players to piece together clues to unravel the story of what happened to the other members of the ODST team. Also when a player wants to focus on the main story line they just have to head towards a specific place in the city to trigger a flashback.

Personally this kind of scares me thinking of my new halo game turning into an RPG similar to Fallout 3. Hopefully I am just being paranoid, I cannot imagine Bungie screwing up a halo game. Expect the game out on 9/22/09 and make sure to pick it up to secure yourself a beta key for Halo Reach!

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