Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Xbox 360 Getting Online Radio Streaming with

Announced at E3 this year was is nothing more than an online radio streaming service much like pandora except it will be on your xbox. The service will be completely free to all xbox live gold members, but ad-support. It looks like you can get an ad-free version of on your xbox if you subscribe and you will also get some other extra features included.

As far as the service goes it will be available later this year and it will be accesible on the xbox 360 dashboard. Here are the main features via kotaku:
  • browse artists & tracks and compile custom playlists
  • share those playlists, and other recommendations, with friends via "Party Radio" (you'll also be able to listen in on the same songs/playlists together)
  • create your own station
  • check out artist pages complete with photos, band info and other info like how to find similar artists.

No official release date is out yet and no word on whether will work when you are playing a game yet either.

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