Friday, July 10, 2009

Battlefield 1943 Review

Battlefield 1943 has been out for just 2 days on Xbox Live Arcade and it has already become a smash hit. For only $15 or 1200MS points you can get on the best battlefield games to date.

Server Problems Right Now:
The only problem right now is well the game is so popular that the servers are having a lot of trouble keeping up with population. For most people you can expect to wait any where from 5 minutes to up to 2 hours. It seems to vary depending on the person - For me I do not have to wait any longer than 5 minutes. Also right now you cannot join a friends match what so ever. We tried all night to join each others matches and neither public or private matches seem to work. The battlefield team is working on updating and adding more servers so expect this to only be temporarily.

Besides the temporary server problems though this game is just great. It plays great and reminds me of a call of duty mixed with the Xbox 360 Battlefield Games. My friend who has played Battlefield 1942 says it plays very similar to it. The game lets you pick from 3 classes:
A sniper class that has demolition charges to kill vehicles
A rifle class that comes with semi-automatic rifle and a gernade launcher
A submachine gun class that comes with a rocket launch as your secondary to take care of tanks

The game features a territories type of game where your team of up to 24 players trys and capture and control the 5 territories. When your team controls 3 or more you slowly eat away at the other teams bar until its completely gone and which point you win.

The game comes with 4 maps that are all islands out in the pacific. The map size is just huge and it is packed with vehicles including boats, planes, tanks, and jeeps. The game is just amazingly fun and its only $15. My advice pick this up as soon as possible because this is sure to be a huge multiplayer game for a while.

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  1. Yeah I just got mine today and I cant play it! I cant for these servers to be fixed!


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