Friday, December 5, 2008

Modded Xbox 360 Laptop

BenHeck has done it again. He has made something that even Microsoft cannot do. This is a really nice modded 360. It looks like the entire thing is made out of aluminum and also looks like it might weigh twice as much as a normal 360. The screen is a very nice touch and everything looks almost professionally done or certainly a lot better than most other attempts. The features on this mod is what is truly impressive.

Not only did he fit a laptop into that cramped space, fit a screen on it, and make it all out of aluminum, but I think he has not lost a single feature with this build. If you watch the video which you should you can see that he has been able to fit in the hard drive, wireless adapter, 2 memory card slot, and 1 USB slot into the laptop design.

This machine is truly impressive and the only question left to ask is when can I get one!

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