Wednesday, December 17, 2008

TGN Cincinnati Tournament After Thoughts

Well last Saturday I decided to still go to TGN Cincinnati. If you have looked at my previous post you can clearly see that I did not have high hopes before going to the tournament. Well I decided to still go. The only problem though was literally the entire week before our team kept hearing more and more bad news. The people we were going to have to could not go so we instead had to settle with local kids we knew at our school. So we were pretty much going to this tournament with a team we had never played with or practiced with before.

When we got there is was pleasantly surprised to see a conference room at the holiday in jam packed with kids playing Halo 3. I would assume there were well over 200 people there for the entire time I was at the tournament. We got there around 11 and for about the next 6 hours we watched Halo 3. The tournament was really well set-up and the worked there were really friendly. The teams there for Halo 3 were really good. There was even a handful of pro’s there including Strongside, Snipedown, and Ace. I am pretty sure there was more, but I do not follow MLG closely enough to know all of them by site. Strongside and Ace were both in the doubles tournament and they were a blast to watch play. I have never seen so many headshots before, you could definitely tell they were pro.

As far as the Gears Of War 2 tournament went it was pretty much a joke and I am pretty sure I am done playing Gears Of War 2 because it just is not that much fun to play compared to Halo 3. For GOW2, only 3 teams showed up. We had only about 30 minutes of practice and our team just got destroyed round after round by this other team who was clearly better than our hastily put together team. It might have been a different story if we had our original team there. The set-up though was awful for me atleast. We had 2 tv’s per team and were required to play split screen on these tiny 22 inch screen’s. (This was awful for me because I am used to playing on my 22 inch monitor that looks absolutely amazing and whenever I play on something else I complain like no other and that is without splitscreen!) Well we ended up getting 2nd out of 3 teams. So it was not a complete failure. We lost our $200 and our pride and we did not get anything for second because their was only 3 teams.

Another game they had going on later was Call Of Duty WAW. This was by far the saddest site I have ever seen. These kids complained so much and they all hid like 10 year old noobs the entire time. Anyone who has ever played COD knows how many annoying people play the game and these kids were twice as worse as the most annoying kid I have met on Call Of Duty.

All in all I had a good time going to the tournament because I got to watch a Halo 3 tournament and got to see some pros. It was fun, but next time I think I am just going to watch Halo 3 and not waste $200 on a tournament I knew I was not going to win.


  1. Losing $200 does not sound like a good time to me. You could have gone on a mini local vacation for 200 bucks. Noob! LOL

  2. Yeah, this tournament wasnt the best in the world. Bu the Other pros that were there was, Strongside, Ace, Snip3Down, elamite warrior.


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