Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Battlefield Bad Company Demo Single PlayerReviewed

Battlefield BadCompany Singleplayer
Just got my hands on the new battlefield badcompany and i cannot put it down. The first thing you will want to do is play the single player. The single player well is just like any other battlefield single player, its just average. The new destructable enviroments though makes for some fun times, you can literally blow down an entire forest and destroy a building to where only the core structure is left. I noted though that it seems you have unlimited health, you can just shoot yourself with what looks like a giant needle that will refill your health over and over again, which is great and all, but almost seems to make it to easy. You will need the needle though because you will get shot from across the map from an enemy. They AI seems to always know where you are and can seem to shoot you from a mile away, which gets very annoying fast. Overall the single player was a fun way to get back into the battlefield experience, but where battlefield really shines is the Multiplayer.

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