Thursday, June 19, 2008

BattleField BadCompany Multiplayer Demo Review

Battlefield has always been all about Multiplayer. The story mode has never been good so there is really no point of even playing it. When i get Battlefield i dive right into the Multiplayer because of its unique experience that you only feel when you are playing Battlefield.

The new Battlefield BadCompany does not disappoint in the multiplayer this time around either. First thing you will notice is a whole new look, no it’s not gears of war graphics, but its pretty damn good. The next huge thing that is the dream of all kids is almost everything is destructible this time around. Can’t get that sniper hiding behind that window? Just shoot the entire window out. The environment is not completely destructible, but you can pretty much blow up the building down to its bare bones.

The next thing that you will notice is all the glorified vehicles are back and then some. This time around there is boats, the 120 millimeter tank, the 30 millimeter tank, Hummers, dune buggies, helicopters and even a artillery strike. The artillery strike is not exactly a vehicle, but it has you control a artillery strike that will rain down artillery on the opponents were ever you aim it.

Another Great new addition is there is a customizable weapon system like COD4, it’s not as elaborate as COD4, but it is a nice new addition.

In the demo you are playing on the map oasis which is basically a desert map similar to the one in battlefield 2’s Demo. On the map you play a gametype called goldrush, which is basically there is attackers who try and destroy the gold crates by either blowing them up with a bomb that you have to arm or by blowing them up by using tanks and such. The other team is the defenders that well defend the gold crates.

Goldrush is very fun and comes as a nice addition to the battlefield gametypes.

The only cons you will notice with the demo’s is you have to unlock some of the better weapons by lvling up. Also there is a lot of kids who are playing the demo that will just do nothing to help your team and will have a score that is negative. When something like this happens you will be completely screwed because the other team will have your base surrounded with tanks and snipers and it essentially becomes a deathtrap with you inside. Don’t get me wrong though this game is still very fun and is definitely worth a try.

Go download it now before it comes out on June 23rd and if you lvl up all the way you unlock a new gun that is only available if you play the demo. Stay tuned here at Xbox 360 Hub for the latest in Xbox 360 news and reviews.

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