Monday, June 30, 2008

Xbox 360 now only $300

Xbox 360 Price CutAhh finally the smell of a fresh price cut is in the air around Microsoft's Xbox 360. Anyone who was waiting for the Xbox 360 to become around as cheap as a Wii, well your time has finally arrived. The cut will drop Microsoft's Xbox 360, the 20GB model, down by $50 to an amazingly cheap price of $300.

The price cut comes by a move for Microsoft to extend the price gap between them and the PS3 and to decrease the price gap between them and the Wii. This also comes as a move by Microsoft to put the spotlight on them during the upcoming E3 during July 15-17th.

Currently the prices are:
Nintendo Wii - $250
Microsoft's Xbox 360 - $300
Playstation 3 - $400

For more news stay tuned here at Xbox 360 Hub.

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