Monday, June 9, 2008

Sidmeier's Civilization Revolution Demo

Civilization Demo

Just Released was Sidmeier's Civilization Revolution Demo. The demo is really great and is definitely worth downloading. The Demo is 1.3GB which is now standard for most demos but this is more than a demo, well at least a really big demo. First of all you can do both multiplayer and story mode. I have yet to try the Multiplayer due to the fact that this is my first time playing civilization and i wanted to learn all of the controls first time around. So i hit up the single player hoping just to get a quick glance into the game this weekend at like 12 at night, well when i got into the game i could not put it down and played it for 4 hours until the demo finally ended. I am not for sure how the demo end timer is set up, but it is either a time limit or when you reach a certain goal.

The single player was amazing, it plays really well for a strategy game and i found it very easy to understand unlike the previous civilization games. I probably learned everything i needed to know to play in under 20 minutes and then i was off making cities, creating armies, taking over lands, and making gold. This game is really fun and i worth a try. I am not for sure if i am ready to spend 60 dollars on the game, but i am surely thinking about it though because this game surprised me at how great it was.

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